Xbox first party in a league of its own

September 22, 2022, 8:07 am
Xbox first party in a league of its own
Xbox first party in a league of its own

No one claims Playstation made Halo like the way you`re claiming Xbox made Dishonoured or Cod as their `1st party` studios .

Yeah they own a better more successful IP now. If that is your mentality - then..... GREAT! xbox has now suddenly made all these games. They must of been so focused of creating CoD back in 2003 that their 1st Party studios must of forgot to release games.

PlayStation devs created Xbox`s best rated metacritic game that`ll never be beaten. Dude this is like PlayStation fans saying the first and best Halo games are PlayStation`s accomplishments because they now own Bungie. Listen to yourself, man.

@DragonNinja76 Not calling anyone out but look at my tweets i barely talk about any platform compared to wooly maybe he needs your wise wisdom of how his entire existence is to gobble sonys cock im off to bed goodnight Sad man just sad. It`s like your whole identity and happiness is tied to Xbox.

No, but those achievements are not yours until the horse wins a race for you.

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