Xbox has the best games

October 3, 2022, 5:30 pm
Xbox has the best games
Xbox has the best games. Forza Horizon 5 -92 Flight sim -90 Deathloop -89 Psychonauts 2 -89 Halo infinite -88 Horizon FW - 88 Ratchet - 88 Ghost Tsushima -87 GT 7 - 87 Returnal - 86 Spiderman MM - 85 Sackboy - 83 Astros P- 83 Death Stranding - 82

As much as I love Xbox - there is nothing on it that I would play over Ghost Of Tsushima. As much as I love PS5, theres nothing on it I would play over Forza Horizon 5. And if theres a Switch nearby - do not disturb as I have some Bells to be collecting. Stop petty famboyisms.

Deathloop is on Playstation aswell?

Deathloop -89 Psychonauts 2 -89 both on PlayStation

Forgot demon souls

Youre missing PS games like Demons Souls, and also Psychonauts 2 is a PlayStation game so you should put that on the PS side too

Deathloop is mehhh, repetitive games boring. we need to get xbox a real game going if you think that game is good.. been too long.

Didnt you Xbox zealots spent the entirety of last gen saying mEtAsCoRe dOeSnt mAtTeR?

lmao flight sim halo fukn boomer gamers

This is some bad math.

Is Death Stranding considered next gen? Its been out since 2019. GoT since July 2020.

Having the money to buy them all and not act like a child over a plastic box on Twitter -100000000000

I know these are critic reviews but overall people seem really happy with all of these games. The only one that I felt was a disappointment was infinite. Gameplay felt great and visuals were solid but having half a game at launch really sucked

Yes, but not Bot account cought lying in 4k I don`t know where exactly you got the 88 score of Halo Infinite from but 2 out of your 5 Xbox games are also available on PlayStation. Which means your list war is actually quite thin.

Review scores on metacritic doesn`t equal to if a game is good or not.

How does walking simulator have a 82

The copium from the fanboys of the console that couldn`t supply them with one single major release for over a year is real. Biggest L tweet of the day.

lmfao all great scores though

You were saying, Mr I Failed Math Class? Not to mention you`re a liar. Looks number of reviews and how many Xbox pro site gave 100 and everytime more than 85/90... Almost 10 review per games (Halo and FH5 very overrated)

lol death loop ,on ps before xbox

Deathloop is an 89?!? Ok. Evidence that review scores are pointless. None of those Xbox games are better and Sony has twice as many.

These reviews are pointless to follow tho ign gave ring of power episode 5 a 10 game informer gave halo a 89 that`s clearly bs it`s not even a 75 death loop is a 80 psychonauts is like a 82 atleast Forza horizon is a 85 atleast flight sim about 86 none of those are near perfect

Don`t crying anymore can ya?

Not sure about that yet...but Xbox easily has the most diverse genres of games and the best IP collection.

Forgetting demon souls, including games playable on PlayStation. This gen has been terrible for Xbox so far its okay to accept that

Deathloop not a exclusive Why do you have PlayStation games on a list of the best Xbox games?

You and your justification for reviews This is why Phil is still the head of Xbox, You Xbots love mediocrity, 0 exclusives at launch and 0 exclusives in 2022, thank you Phil the fraud! So youre just making up numbers now to fit your narrative?! embarrassing AF Dumbxbot LafterL And not one PS game rated in the 90`s

I was right you can`t do maths Adding more on xbox titles but decided to leave out highest playstation titles Cough cough Ghost Tsushima alone destroys all 5 games on the xbox list,it is what it is

Ps gonna beat that average metacritic publisher score this year btw it`s already sitting at 87.5 without the release of Ragnarok

Demons souls is a 92 lmao I love that you nitpick for your own narrative, you keep taking L`s dude, your parents must be proud.

You`re comparing 4 games to 9 bro you obviously not proving anything. Also you shouldn`t rely on critics alone, try them yourself. Critics are more biased just look at Marvel VS DC. Critics specifically take Marvel`s side.

Death Stranding is an 86 Purposely forgetting Demons Souls. Also where is Grounded? Every single game on the PlayStation list I like immensely better. For me its not about PlayStation or Xbox making the game, its about the game itself. Its about what the developers creates. The story and the immersion.

why`d you put deathloop in Xbox when it was PS exclusive for the first year and then has just come into XBOX GP? Why can`t we just enjoy games regardless of the console?

Where is Grounded?

Ps held to a higher standard

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