Xbox: *Makes a positive Post Some Random: https://t

July 11, 2022, 9:16 am
Xbox: *Makes a positive Post Some Random: https://t
Xbox: *Makes a positive Post Some Random:

That`s what happens under literally every single xbox/playstation tweet.

did he really say 9M... million on hand... is he serious? Oof Microsoft down to its last 9 milly

He`s not even on topic.

Yeah people your right your brand is better and their owners have a bigger coc than the other.

What is wrong with these ppl

Microsoft is richer than sony... even beat apple once

Instead of playing their own games ponies always complaining about Xbox

Theres nothing positive about XBox tho

Microsoft is a trillion dollar company while Sony is topping out around about 100 billion so yeah, Microsoft could afford to buy Sony pretty easily

This is clearly bait lol

Kinda curious. What does Microsoft make beyond video games and software?? I know that playstation dabbles largely in electronics, video games, movies, etc etc.

First of all this guy seems like an angry individual and is probably a lot of fun to hangout with. Also look at the market cap of Microsoft VS SonyI know math is hard but one is much bigger then the other

Estimate is a key word they`re and that guy has no proof and didn`t site his source at all

Sony Can I have the crazy pills this being is on mine are not working Microsoft just bought bathesda and blizzard Activision and and if they wanted too they could buy Sony with the loose change down the back of the gaming sofa in the office just to add the icing on the cake

It`s every post I thought people were smart enough to ignore these by now.

Another walking L

no Microsoft is worth more than sony .

It`s always that dude, I swear all he does is leave bait in every gaming-related post.

Tell Connie`s Microsoft net worth is 1892 billon

Microsoft has 9 mil on hand lmao

This dude gotta be joking

I don`t understand the whole console war thing. Like wouldn`t you want multiple options? Like competition breeds innovation. If only one console existed then they probably wouldn`t have to try as hard. Especially being in the PC camp I don`t get this hardcore brand loyalty.

I am more upset he has a Sokka profile pic. He doesn`t deserve him as a profile pic

Sony aint even worth 98B

Scratch out their name so they don`t get more delusional zealots.

He thinks Sony has more money on hand ...Than Microsoft? What`s bizarre is that person`s tweet isn`t even remotely accurate lol

Yeah? The sales rates in Japan say something else

Were ps fans always this toxic or they got more toxic over time ? Becouse dont remember they were this toxic in ps4 era

Representative of most of their fan base tbh

Sony`s entire market cap is only 102bil lol


What`s he mean WE? Whatever, it`s obvious bait for anyone that has seen him around b4. He`s a known PS zealot

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