Xbox or PlayStation? playstation https://t

July 14, 2022, 8:23 am
Xbox or PlayStation? playstation https://t
Xbox or PlayStation?

playstation Xbox console but PlayStation games

PlayStation but xbox/pc game pass is much better!

It is a long and winding road. Get ready for it! The first Playstation. PS2 Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One Xbox One S then X PS4 PS5. That`s where I stopped.

See I started on PlayStation so I gotta go with that

Playstation so much easier to Twitch or YouTube from.

I would choose PS2 my favourite.

-VOMITS Triangles & Squares-

Both and pc. they all have their benefits.

If you love single games PlayStation, if you love multiplayer games Xbox

Xbox, but I keep a playstation on deck

PlayStation born and raised

I actually play on both, and pc

Why say or when you can say and!! Xbox, PlayStation, pc and Nintendo!

Both because they both have their own benefits and downfalls

PlayStation ..! Easy

probably have to go to PlayStation. Ahhhhhhh but Xbox for halo

Prefer Xbox!! PlayStation but pc in the near future hopefully

Both! I tend to play Xbox more because I usually get the newest Xbox first, and I get a PlayStation for exclusives.

I`ve had phases of them all. I grew up Nintendo. Graduated to Playstation. But turned Xbox for life when I became a man!

Xbox Series X > Ps5 Original Xbox > ps1 & 2 Xbox 360 > PS3 PS4 > Xbox One. Xbox > PlayStation

im on the xbox series x

I play Xbox right now but PlayStation

PlayStation has my heart

PlayStation my G

I prefer Xbox, but Playstation has better single player exclusives

... Both. Why fight?

i personally prefer Xbox

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