Xbox spending a ton to bring as many games

October 10, 2022, 9:07 pm
Xbox spending a ton to bring as many games
Xbox spending a ton to bring as many games as possible to people Sony spending a ton to keep as many games as possible from people

The Outer Worlds - Multiplatform 3rd-party developed/published. Sequel locked to Xbox. Hellblade - Multiplatform 3rd-party developed/published. Sequel locked to Xbox. All future Act/Bliz/Bethesda games, which would have launched on PS, are now locked to Xbox. Explain..?

This is a dumb take.

ah yes. hellblade 2, starfield, halo are all coming to all consoles then? is age of empires on xbox and cloud? is Ara on xbox and cloud? stop capping

Oh sure, because Microsoft is going to release all Ninja Theory, Bethesda, Activision, Inxile and Double Fine games on Playstation and Nintendo, totally not buying multiplatform companies and IPs to privatize them, right? RIGHT?

Lol your logic is so flawed. Xbox is doing the opposite of what you`re saying. They literally bought 2 big publishers that now can technically keep games of the switch and playstation. the games were already coming to as many gamers as possible xbox removed those many gamers.

Read what you just wrote. literally Microsoft is Spending tons to keep games from others and Sony is just locking down second party, third party deals.... The same way nintendo Locks down 2nd party third-party probably exclusive deals in Japan.

Are you high or drunk. Both companies acquire devs and make games console exclusive. How many Bethesda games are going to PS? Yeah, none. How`s that bringing games to as many people as possible. Stupid take

Which Xbox games are playing now? Grounded?

Fun but nonsense.

Sony studios making there own games and keeping them exclusive... On the other hand xbox buying studios to make multiplatform games xbox exclusives....

When PlayStation buys Devs they tell them you can release on all platforms but we get a cut. When Xbox buys Devs they hold their games as hostage for anything Microsoft owns only. Thats why people get mad at Microsoft because they basically force people to buy their console

Neither system is great, in fact both are deeply depressing compared to my 2600. Now this is a winner system with true staying power. And neither company gives a s**t about any of us so don`t be a sheep.

Snap blast play when Sony has exclusivity (every company in the entire world does this) So basically Bungie had their own decision, pretty sure Bethesda becoming exclusive to XBOX wasnt Bethesdas decision. Maybe dont block off multi-platform IPs from playerbases who had access to those games while also preaching theyre bringing them to more platforms

XBOX/PC/CLOUD So basically the same as before when it was XBOX/PC/PS/CLOUD They completely removed a platform.

Huh? Thought ms is trying to make cod and the like exclusive and that`s whats taking the doj so long to approve the acquisition. I could be wrong

I love how it says people so Nintendo and Sony players arent people. Bring facts not bs.

Pretty sure this guy puts his penis in his Series X.

Dont you need a subscription to play those games though?

I mean at least Sony is putting some bangers on PC, I`m super appreciative. That being said, Xbox is ahead of the game in that department. But either way, I win

You never know

And you dont understand the contradiction of your original post. Seems we both are over our heads. I guess the only difference, i dont actively put out tweets to show that, meanwhile most of your tweets...

you don`t even realize you`re being ripped off. You couldn`t come out with a good xbox game for 3 years and you would still spin it like xbox is better. Stop obsessing over playstation Ragnarok destroyed the Xbots lol

Yes. Those are all the platforms Activision already published games on. Are you implying that if Microsoft doesn`t buy them, Sony will? Sony doesn`t want that trash publisher. Sony buys studios with talented developers to encourage growth. Microsoft ruins every IP they touch

and XBOX unlike SONY forces you to pay a fee for preowned games just enjoy the system you want and leave the rest alone, console wars makes a mockery of the competitive market than the rival companies do

Lol buying up publishers and making the games exclusive is very creative. Xbots be dumb

Xbox doesnt have 3-4 billion users. On record. They have less than playstation And on record less than 30% of those subscribe to things that allow them to play on their tv, their phone, and ither devices. Come back to realit. There isnt 3 billion users on xbox stop lying

Sony just trying to save the bussiness their the most successful in...can`t blame them for that and Xbox ain`t trying to bring anything can`t even bring their playerbase darn exclusive games

Amd what of ppl who dont own hmm. Gonna tell them to stream and in turn use Xbox. Instead of acknowledging that this is precisely an example where MS is removing games from users

Oh im being completely serious rn. The guy listed off ways Xbox users and pc users can play the game. But not playstation users. Wo how can ms be spending more to have more games for more players, when they are locking away players,the very same tactic you used to make ps look

So how can u say theybare bringing more games to more people when they actively have removed a platform with over 100 million users from having access to that game? Anyone who knows anything is asking this very question. That every bot like u ignores

Ummm, nope. You dont get to claim that when you take away long-standing multiplat developers, publishers, and IPs from other platforms.

Yeah i feel the same way. Revisions are so different and games are so amazing I tend to give them a pass also lol. Also Xbox doesnt do anything to screw gamers over. Mostly its per developer doing the most damage to gamers in my opinion. And PlayStation

Or Sony spend tonnes on games People Love Xbox spends tonnes on quantity not quality OH MY GOD Sony is about exclusives Microsoft likes accessibility No one cares about what they do

Still I choose PlayStation over Xbox . I love PlayStation games that`s all . I`m not into first person shooters & multiplayer games .

`bring as many games as possible to people` LOOOOOOOOL, do you really think microsoft is the good guy trying to bring happiness to everyone? sony and ms are non stop buying other studios, how is that good for anyone?

Microsoft takes games from others Sony doesn`t.

**both paying to keep games off the other`s console**

Point being Bethesda straight turned around and said yea nvm we lied. Which hurts a bit. I`ve played so many of there games and have waited for certain sequels so when I heard that I was quite upset.

Honestly Xbox should just make call of duty an Xbox exclusive because all the crap playstation has been pulling plus how toxic and blind these playstation fanboys are.

20 years I see xbox no playstation

Its been completely debunked that Sony has paid devs to keep their games off of gamepass. The accused devs have confirmed it themselves. But oh yeah I forgot l, people on Twitter and Reddit know better. Why is it I only see Xbox accounts on Twitter spreading console war trash?

Honestly this guy spends way to much of his time on twitter that`s his favourite game of the year. Oh ok so why is starfield exclusive?

Both are spending a lot to bring gamers to their ecosystem. It`s that simple.

How many AAA games did xbox released this year? Asking for a friend

xbots won`t handle the upcoming Fimbulwinter Xbox spending ton to make Indie Games on Gamepass PLAYSTATION spending ton to make Quality AAA bangers.

i`m sorry but isn`t sony bringing a lot of their past exclusives to pc??

ABK staying multiplat was reaching a lesser player base whereas MS buying and making it exclusive thereby cutting off a hugh PS player base is somehow making games reach to more people.... dude go have a CT Scan, you must have hit something during childhood.

xbox are spending money to keep games that were coming anyway to all consoles and keep it on XBOX, your statement is false

Sounds like SONY spending money on some BULL 100 percent Sony evil

You see how flawed that logic is? They bought Bethesda and took Starfield from half the gaming community.

Why does no one talk about Nintendo? Nintendo fucks over gamers way more than Xbox and PlayStation combined! Just saying.

So what`s Microsoft doing then to the other systems

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