¥35,000 Worth of Art Giveaway IS HERE! 3 Winners

July 8, 2021, 4:13 am
¥35,000 Worth of Art Giveaway IS HERE! 3 Winners
35,000 Worth of Art Giveaway IS HERE! 3 Winners Will Be Chosen! 1st Place: 15,000 2nd Place: 10,000 3rd Place: 5,000 While you`re here entering this giveaway, why not post your PNG and introduce yourself, Turn this into a Networking thread as well!! Vtuber ENVtuber

Halooo im sky a demon Lord from a science lab, pretty much man made... I like to play apex, some mmorpg and sometimes visual novel, nice to meet all of you hi im mika, a prince from a faraway kingdom who is an aspiring vtuber!! i`m gonna tag my partner in crime Well as much as I want a extra chance, i got no friend here so i might as well introduce me. Based on Identity V oc i thought of and my friend made as a gift. But Uny has been basically rewritten over and over. From being rich only for everything he knows to be burn towards... Hi! Im Gemini, your local genderless space being with two forms! Im gonna tag... Hellorooon!! Im called Chiyo and Cookies are my PASSION Im currently on the search for the legendary cookie and since I dont know much about this world I firstly need Information Thats why Im opening my patisserie and get the location out of you with cookies!! Hello! I`m Kotaru, a genderless android Vtuber! My current obsessions are Genshin Impact and Valorant, but I do plan to try more games in the future! It`s nice to meet you~ I`m easily excitable and love playing games with people, so expect lots of collabs! Tagging So cute and sweet! Aaaa thank you so much!! Pleasure to meet you too!

I wanna join I`m also tagging I can hope I win, but regardless. We can get a skeb at some point. Hello Im Tiamat ~ I just woke up under some tree and now wander the earth in this strange time. Im a primordial creator deity from the beginning of time. Im still predebut~ i am joy and i am monke!! i have something important for streaming on the way and then im gonna start doing test streams! please to meet everyone and good luck <3!! (@iMukkito sorry for ping ; ;!!) NORMAL I AVOID ART RAFFLES, BUT WHEN MY BRO PUTS ONE UP, ITS GO TIME.

Hello! VulgarQueen at your service~ Pleased to make your acquaintance and I hope everyone is having an awesome day and is being very Vulgar~ haha xD Angel will stay as a redeem for sure <3 And I think you will like new Cerise >u<

Yaaaay free huggies & cuddles Psst, look at this little Flower~

The pleasure is all mine

Hey and look looke

I can & I will! The new God of Dragons has arrived, time to see if I win. Stick around and find out how I became a God. Aw, thank you kindly.

U are soo sweet!! TYSM!! i hope we can get along well!

My name is V2..the V2ber Thanks! Hope to make some friends and see some great art here! Heres my dog Shu as tax: ( desculpa nyck) Hii!! I`m Mieko, a cute polar bear girl! I love to play some games and make new friends More art? Hell yes! Hello hello everyone! Your local hunter here to cleanse all the beasts and monsters of this world. Alright.. The good looking ones can stay... I play all manners of RPGs, MMOs, and a big D&D enthusiast. Come on by! Also going to tag my good friend Thankyou for the chance brotha Hey, I`m UK the pretty chill gaming Demon. Oh and this Demon can cook so expect food pics!!! Thank you, Ace! Acemazing as always! Aa, Im Rin Asahi. Im a moRin monkey vtuber. I hope to brighten your days~ I just revealed my chibi png and plan to stream soon. Look out! This monkey is on her way, full speed ahead! (Art by kaxukin) Ill tag my family Damn I just realized I never dropped my PNG!! Harrooo!! Im Racchan, your resident T-Rex girl! Im baby rn but heres my adult png anyway~ You a true king. Bless you for including tip

Hi, I`m kira noguchi and I`m a magic mouse of chaos with 102 years of age and with a personality of yandere and future png tuber streamer. I am of Latin American nationality (Colombia) xD hello i like art giveaways

doing good bro thx

No you`re adorable!! You`re too kind! awww sank u! the pleasure is mine :D

New to your page, inexperienced with Skeb, but heres my OC! Im getting a VTube model commissioned based on her! Thank you so much for the opportunity! And a pleasure to make yours as well

the pleasure is entirely mine! Thank you so much for this opportunity! uwu

Hello! Shooting star Kio here! I play games, scream, and nap too much nice to meet you!! recently got my model so Ill be streaming with it more soon~ Tagging Thank you >////< You`re cool too ^^ that might very well be the case

A-Ahhh! It`s a pleasure to make your acquaintance as well!!

Nya~ hiya Im yumiko, a cat girl running a tavern and created by two deities merging together! I wanna make the world a better place Nya~ its nice to meet you all! NO YOU`RE AMAZING, EVEN IF I DONT WIN COULD WE BE FRIENDS??? YOU GENUINELY SEEM SO NICE

You amazing bro!! Congrats on the milestone!!

Waaah that`s such a cute heart!! I happily accept!

It`s a pleasure to meet your`s as well~!

Awww thank you so much for the compliment ;w; It`s a pleasure to meet you too~ Ah thank you so much, a pleasure to meet you too

its a pleasure to make your acquaintance as well ^^

look at dis Beeg Skeb giveaway UwU


Jeez, Ace! You`re going all out! I`m Yuki Hatsu, I`m an ice dragon vtuber. Variety and mental health streamer. Looking forward to showing my summer outfit soon. Some friends: I suppose I should throw my hat in the ring! Hi again Ace! Name is Suno. I`m the bard that will perform my way into your heart! Hope you are all ready for a slew of jokes and pick up lines. Nice to meet any news faces out there! Tipping the artists

I am a cat on the internet My sister is , so of course I will be tagging her *panics* Hello I`m Rio Kenpachi the lazy otaku reaper. I`m a bit of a degenerate flirt but mostly enjoy playing games like Apex Legends and Rpgs. Nice to meetcha as well!!

Henlo it`s nice to meet everyone ^^ I`m Shiro/Hikari just your average household cat that loves naps & cuddles~ I`m just here to provide a comfy space for peeps =w= I`ll be tagging my Nee-chan because she`s a wonderful person that deserves all the love~ The God of Wealth obviously cant miss out on this so thank you for the chance XD Thanks you too

tagging hello. i am moon duchess turned gardener (read: gremlin) and i spend my days harvesting carrots and streaming~ Waah! You really are making me blush! I can`t handle this much kindness! (oh hell yessss!!!!!)

aa youre so friggin generous

Just Koo is fine! It is nice to meet you too! Waah you`re so sweet! You`re making me blush >///<

Hey I`m Jester! I`m the planet Saturn who wants to get closer to humans. Thank you for the opportunity I`m a small streaming witchy wolf girl trying to have fun and create as many memorable memories as possible! Come join me while I go on this adventure!! Lets make sure it`s one we never forget! Nyoooming! Hello! My name is Ellie, am a catgirl witch, and I`m NB! Nice to meet you~. I hope I can be chosen. *q* This is my png too,,, Likewise!! Always happy to meet friendly people around the community~

Thank you, and believe you me, the pleasure is all mine! I appreciate the compliment, you also look quite dapper there Mr. Kong.

Thank you for the opportunity QwQ! Gray here! Just a cute coffee cat who gives you your favorite food and bubbly beverage! Catch me here! Hi hiiii~ Im Mochii! An adventurer who travels through space and time with my adorable slime companion, Jello! I spend my days off gaming, cooking, watching movies and a variety of other things! Though it can get pretty lonely up here in space. Wont you join me on my journey~ Thank you for the thread as well as the giveaway! Nana is my name and Im a cyber girl! Currently doing a model reveal so, not fully revealed, but Im happy to make new friends! shh ill kiss u

Thanks I need help making the lore for he

More giveawaaaaaaaaaays <3

Pleasure to meet you, I`m Kali, a ferret girl into thievery, arson, and noodles! A beautiful friend of mine is also worth checking out, go give my ferret sibling some love! Can`t show myself yet but I can give a little glimpse~ Thank you so much for this oppurtunity. I am in the middle of rebranding but one thing will never change: I focus on doing cozy streams where everyone can join in and relax with me <3 How could I not put myself forward? My name is Lau~! Your humble Bard! I simply wish to spread as much joy as possible~! I believe I`ll tag for this since Peaches tagged me~! ACE!!! HELLO!! struttin around as cool as ever i see! (==)

Hewwo Im Hanako your Online Witch Imouto Nyan ~ gib Huggies. Henlo, I`m shugo your neighborhood neko boy. Who likes playing games and taking naps, especially naps. I stream a variety of games. Love you too Ace

The day I`m seen by all the others is the day I die from happiness. Yes! Simp queenie is good :> DSFKLSDF;LKDS A-ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF ME? I`LL GIVE YOU SNAKE KISSES, YOU KNOW!!

Hello I`m the vessel of the entity that lives in the void, my name is Phantom and i welcome everyone to become friends :D Thank you for hosting the giveaway and i hope the ones who`ll be chosen will have a good time! I hope everyone have a good day! aaaaaaart? Aaaaaaart.

Hello.... I`m aru. Just a catboy that loves to play games that he collects. I`m generally in a constant state of happiness and irritation. Usually at the game I`m playing. Good luck everyone! Tagging It`s a pleasure to make your Acquaintance as well ace.

Thank you it us a pleasure to me you I wonder if ill be chosen. Hmmmm, oh well, networking is always good. Names aldebrecht, call me al, used to be part of an elite organization who went to make my own organization instead. Commited to helping the peoplea of my neighbourhood It is a pleasure to meet you as well! Waah! Thank you! Nice to meet you!!!

Howdy. I am plagueboi. Im a small twitch streamy boi with the most inconsistent schedule ever. Hi hello I`m clair, lightning speed disconnector, professional weeb and your local Ara Ara expert xD i mostly play RPGMaker games and visual novels! Hello I am ninjapizz and I am a samurai vampire cat boy who is the king of vampires and demons nice to meet you and I hope to make friends with everyone hello, I am Moro the guardian of the gates of hades and I came to the mortal world to learn new things :3 Tagging Well, wouldn`t hurt to try. I am Fenrir, the Demon King from another dimension, and like half of the vtuber community, I`m gonna take over the world. I......I gotta lot of people I need to fight........ Great, just wanted to make sure!

Hello, its nice to meet you you! Thank you for this opportunity. My name is Petris Teraelia Deamionan IV. Let it be known, that the Crown Prince from the Elven Kingdom of Moranadorei has arrived! I`m Tagging my friend I`m Chrypsis, also known in my universe as the Death above Death. I`m usually pretty chill, until you make me mad. Nice to meet you. Aaaaa thank you so much!! It`s not that often hehe

Could really use that art too! >: D ALSO HI I`M M-MILLY AND UHH.... I ... LIKE... MAKING FRIENDS AND RECORDING INFO FOR THE "LIBARARY"! You too! (Do I celebrate now that someone on my simp list has seen me )


tagging my beloved !! also, good meowning! my name is tami katt and i`m a human (c-clearly) vtuber! nice to meet you all! (==) Look at you go man!

Hello! I`m Captain Maven, falcon turned human aviator! Thank you for doing this! Nice to meet you! My name is Senya! I`m an ice spirit that thawed from the planet`s newfound warmth! I aim to spread the warmth and make friends! I`m tagging my friend who`s a Skeb newb. :> Hello My Name is Kentina Star, I am a lewd fox who loves thighs, green tea, anime and streaming. Hello everyone my name is Tj kaze. I am a Variety vtuber silver dragon a lover of video games and trading card games my favorite is magic the gathering followed by yugioh. Since koko tagged me. Hrm, I`ll tag and nudges y both!! Get cool art of ur cool personas

Heya Im Deido I dont think weve ever met Im just here chillin meeting new people and having fun. I work during the week and try to stream during weekends. Nice to meet ya! A pleasure to meet you! My name is Cslecrann. I`m a 30 (centuries) old wolfhound spirit. Nowadays I simply tell stories and share my adventures with those who wander into my domain. I`ll tag who I would also love to see artwork of! My names Nu im a former human turned succubus that loves to give warm hugs and play multi-player games with everyone Yo! Still in the pre-debut phase, looking to improve my editing and provide fun gameplay + commentary: FPS/Sandbox/Tactical RPG/indie and rougelikes My PNG is going through a couple of (small) updates, so should I drop my old one in now anyway? Also tagging Hey, I`m Lilyis. I an a half-cat half-succubus and I make things... I also have friends tho. (Cough tag), Anyways Nice to meet everyone and best of luck UwU the way, for those of you that noticed, theres an extra 5,000 yen missing, that is tip for the artists!!!!!

Hello Im Riedal a caring lovely succubus who loves to game and just making friends! I`m Cynthila and I`m a forgotten fox god who leads souls past the torii gate to the other side of the river, I also fight off impure souls who long to come back to the realm of the living! I`ll tag and who are skeb addicts too! Well hello darlings! I`m Aoishi, the future ruler of the world. Thanks for the opportunity, Ace dear! Amazing!!

Hiii~ Im Gigi. Im very gay Uwu nice to meet you all!! I wish everyone good luck o: Tagging for this one!

also hi I know you like your giveaways As an introduction: hi Im Queenie! Im the number 1 simp for male vtuber, nice to meet ya x Hello! I am NuggetChan! Recently went through ANOTHER redesign. But am very happy where I am now.
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