You bet your ass I`m getting the Kotor remake

July 14, 2022, 6:28 am
You bet your ass I`m getting the Kotor remake
You bet your ass Im getting the Kotor remake on PlayStation day 1 for $70. Idgaf its not on Xbox, thats Microsofts loss not mine.

I think I`ll wait for xbox release cause I never actually played old star wars games that much. The oldest I tried were battlefront1&2,force Unleashed 1&2

Rrrr its proper cruel not coming out on x box I`m still playing the original

Thats fine your choice Xbox has some of the best rpg devs in the market right now and focus on their own games like yall wanted Sony can have the timed clout.

I`m buying it, not a fumble on Xboxs part though they want to focus on Ip they own

No one cares, why do people have to be so edgy about their 70$ you want an award? lol

Yeah when it launches in 24/25...

Maybe if it comes out in 2024 or after that. I won`t buy a PS5 before that for sure. But still, $70 is way too much for any game. Especially one that could still be fucked up. Do most likely, I`ll just pick it up down the line on sale on Xbox eventually...

Sir. You are supposed to dick ride a company. Very not cool of you.

Bro I`m not even in the Xbox ecosystem anymore and I was pissed. Like how you let Sony steal a game off your best of all time pantheon. IDK why they refused to remake it

I dont even care if I am able to play it or not. Star Wars fans as a whole need this game to be good.

This game. Sheesh

I wonder why no one complains about that but when it comes to TLOU its all wHy YoU pAy $70 fOr A rEmAkE

It`s been on xbox for for about 20 years, I hope you enjoy your 1st play through.

Agreed. Same here! Day 1

Depends on what else comes out around the time if Im gonna wait or not.

i honesty cant wait, i didnt get to play KOTOR but saw gameplay and boy im excited

Im also looking forward to play it in.. 2025?

I might buy it on pc but honestly kinda on fence about it depends how final product comes out.

coming on pc day 1 probably as well

100% I cant wait whatever the timeframe will be that it comes out on Xbox. That is day 1~

Im ok with waiting till it arrives to Xbox its not the end of the world

This is a game that deserves a remake.

Timed exclusive will launch later on Xbox I can wait

Yeah Microsoft dropped the ball on that one for sure. Day 1 Steam pick up for me.

Kotor, Re4 & ff7 Rebirth & the 3rd game day 1 buy

They sort fumble the ball with both Spiderman and star wars Knights of the old republic

Its not really MS loss when everyone has played the game a million times over. The game wont be a massive deviation from the classic and the classic is a legendary game so hard pass on the remake for me. Ill save the SSD space.

Just hope they keep most of the good parts of the original

KOTOR is a game that people have been praying for someone to do a remake I would pay any price for it. The last of us is a cash grab these two have no comparison.

Im excited for this, but Id be lying if I said I wasnt over all the remakes. Video games are turning into Hollywood. No new ideas. So lets remake stuff.

Yeah Ill cop for it too Those are two of my favorite RPGs of all time

Getting it on PC!!

Definitely willing to pay $70 for it barring good reviews based on who some of the leadership I`d (former Andromeda leadership)

KOTOR Remake is coming to Xbox as well

KOTOR is definitely that game I may end up having to grab a ps5 for. Depending on if its timed exclusive for 10 years or if wolverine is ps5 only

Day one !! So excited for this one

Never played or gave a care for the first one just like 99.99 percent of the PlayStation "fans", they only care because it`s one their box

I`m Soo very very..... Anxious for this game. Anxious is the right word. It`s like hype`s dreadful younger sibling. There`s so many directions it can be taken and I WANT it to be good so hard... But there`s a ton of potential for failure too. Won`t preorder but watching closely.

Im waiting to see footage, after how Aspyr botched KOTOR2 on Switch and the fact they need a support studio is a bit worrying. I love KOTOR but if its broken I will be absolutely raging

Who you talking to ?

Ps5 the future of remaking games ! So incredibly sad

As an Xbox fan, I can already say this game seems to be doing more than the other remaster of a remaster that I won`t name thelastofuspart1 BTW it`s a timed exclusive

This remake has me worried lot of stuff with it not adding up

It`s a timed exclusive. Just like most PlayStation exclusives these days as they don`t have enough quality at their studios so they have to be desperate at filling in those huge gaps. Maybe they would have some quality games if they were not producing PS4 ports & money hats.

Bruh its gonna be lit.

So hyped for this.
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