You`re asked to choose from the following GameCube games

May 30, 2021, 7:09 am
You`re asked to choose from the following GameCube games
You`re asked to choose from the following GameCube games to remaster in HD for Switch. You can only pick one option. Which do you choose?

Hi there I have a question about Switch pro

F-Zero GX. Seriously, it might be the only and best chance this franchise has to ever see the light of day again.

Thought Eternal Darkness would have had a bit more love.

Hi again when is Switch pro announcement

5th option: Chibi Robo

I think F-Zero has a lot of mindshare in the community right now after that a sequel would need a big idea news, similar to how paper mario had a lot of mindshare during the lead up to oragami king

And Is Switch pro real

Hi there when is Switch pro announcement

Hi there I have a question about Switch pro

disappointed but not surprised Eternal Darkness hasn`t got a lot of votes

Id like to see how Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Pokmon Colosseum, Kirbys Air Ride, and Four Sword Adventures would perform against these titles as well. I imagine Kirbys Air Ride would perform well, but Im confident that its due to nostalgia goggles.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

This is one of the hardest polls I`ve ever seen on Twitter. Paper Mario 2 is my favorite game ever, but at this point I feel that Eternal Darkness needs a port way more. Is such a unique game and it deserves another chance in the spotlight.

I prefer RPGs over racing games any day, my second choice would have ben Baten Kaitos

Out of these? F Zero definitely. If I can throw a Gba game there, Golden Sun

Anyone of these I would be fine with, but if I have to choose Id choose Paper Mario. Like I just want a good Paper Mario game (Paper Mario 64 is my favorite game of all time).

Switch doesn`t have analogue tiggers. It would feel so twitchy :(

Id kill for a TTYD remaster

Baten Kaitos because I`ve always been curious to play those, plus F-Zero and Paper Mario will (probably) get more games down the line. I don`t see BK getting that boon.

F-Zero GX with online multiplayer would be amazing. They could even throw in the AX content!

I really want to say TTYD, but honest F-Zero needs it even more

There`s no game quite like F-Zero GX. Eternal Darkness would be fun though: it would be interesting to see what they`d change the insanity effects into.

I`m surprised there`s more votes for Paper Mario than F-Zero. We have plenty of games that play like that but GX is still really unique and having an online mode would inject it with so much life

It feels a little ridiculous the idea has even been entertained. I missed out on it and from what I`ve been repeatedly told the GameCube wasn`t nearly as popular as other systems. I think there could be a market for it on Switch. Get F-Zero back in the public consciousness.

I suppose Baten Kaitos needs a full scale remake. It deserves it! ):

BGE would probably be my second choice after BK1&2

Paper Mario honestly needs the HD upstage the least; F-Zero would gain so much from a remaster on top of coming back from obscurity

Do you think that one of them could be released on nintendo switch during the next few months?

Not a GameCube title: `Dragon Quest VIII HD: Journey of the Cursed King - Definitive Edition`, an HD remaster of the PS2 version with the bells & whistles of the 3DS version But from your poll I picked Eternal Darkness because it`s an obscure IP made by western developers.

F-Zero GX, by adding Online they would futureproof the series.

I wanna like to see how Eternal Darkness uses HD Rumble

Pokemon gc collection with coliseum and gale of darkness

A lot of old school GameCube fans have been hoping for those first three, so watch Nintendo totally port the Baten Kaitos games instead.

Eternal Darkness with new and updated sanity effects. Tie it into your phone and email!!

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

That was my pick for exactly that reason. Endless replayability

TTYD doesnt even need to be HDd. It just needs a re-release. Id be most worried about it getting censored in some way. Now F-Zero? It would look beautiful! And have online? It be amazing!

Baten Kaitos 1&2. These games are so beautiful, and the story is top notch. F-Zero GX will benefit the most out of this. There hasnt been a F-Zero game since like 2004 and itll be nice for the series to have a breath of fresh air again. I love TTYD but the game is already beautiful enough. TTYD just needs a port like what happened to 3D All-Stars.

What`s YOUR choice?

Well this is an easy one.

For the past week a little part of me has been saying that ttyd hd will be announced at e3. Its so unlikely it just has to happen.

F-Zero GX. Great game & could gain a lot from a remaster, that series deserves to return. TTYD is cool but Paper Mario, though different, is still around. Haven`t played the other two, but I suspect that Eteneral Darkness would need a lot of tweaking to be effective in 2021.

GX would benefit the most graphically TTYD only needs a touch up with maybe a bigger focus on speeding up sections + adding new content Eternal Darkness pretty much needs a new game to work for the modern age

Gimme Custom Robo

Nintendo should do an updated `Player`s Choice` or `Nintendo Selects` line but it`s `Nintendo Selects Old Games That Are Crazy Expensive on eBay`.

Eternal Darkness, for sure. One of the best games on the entire system, and one that could benefit greatly from a remake. Shame it`ll likely never happen.

I voted Eternal Darkness, not only because it`s the best one there but because it has absolutely no chance of ever happening.

If its only graphics being updated, probably Paper Mario. If they can add online multiplayer F-Zero GX for sure.

*click* I never played baten Kaitos and eternal darkness, so it`s between these 2

I voted Paper Mario: TTYD, but my heart voted for the fifth option, Custom Robo.

I think F-Zero GX would benefit the most. The graphics already look great for its time but we can also have the arcade versions content unlocked from the start along with online play, smooth 60fps, and maybe an ability to share those custom ships with other players.

I love Paper Mario so much but I`d just lose my mind if I could play Baten Kaitos on my switch

We have Paper Mario ( and many other Mario things ) on Switch already. So obviously Nintendo fans feel Mario`s the one done dirtiest out of the four here

Baten Kaitos 1 and 2, but its not gonna win the vote, lol.

considering how many times Nintendo revived and renewed the "Eternal Darkness" trademark, they might as well have gotten something out of it.

Eternal Darkness, but my real answer is Double Dash.

Caveat: I voted for Paper Mario mostly because I already have F-Zero GX in my GameCube collection and FAST RMX on my Switch.

Between paper mario and f zero I love paper mario but we f zero is unique and hasn`y been properly in a console since the gamecube era

Eternal Darkness all day! I know Thousand Year Door is the most likely to get remastered to Switch, but a boy can dream.

how can i not say F-Zero GX Baten Kaitos and eternal darkness are still raw tho

Im in the minority so far, haha

Struggled between TTYD and ED - decided for TTVD (due to pondering how ED`s shockers would work today)

I would really like to see wind waker HD and twilight princess HD u.u

I genuinely appreciate how this a poll and not just a void to bait a game to enter the trending tab like other Nintendo accounts. As much as I enjoyed TTYD it reeks of early 2000s enough for me to somewhat doubt if modern audiences would enjoy it.

F-Zero, personally. I enjoy Paper Mario as well but that series already has a nice entry on Switch. F-Zero is completely MIA.

F-Zero GX. And it isn`t even close. After that, I`d choose Eternal Darkness. But F-Zero takes insane priority over everything else.

I love all of them, but Baten Kaitos please

Where`s the Custom Robo option

F-Zero GX with multiplayer on Switch would just be Depends. When you say remaster, are you talking a resolution boost, maybe widescreen if not already present, and new textures, or like a graphical overhaul?

at least for a moment. all was good Paper Mario: TTYD is a no brainer.

Come on, eternal darkness. With a new interface and slightly updated insanity effects. That would be awesome.

Kaitos and Origins easily. I still have a copy of Origins.

F-Zero deserves even the slightest breath of fresh air.

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