You told us: You`d totally use Windows 11 with

July 6, 2021, 5:43 pm
You told us: You`d totally use Windows 11 with
You told us: Youd totally use Windows 11 with Android apps on your phone

Do I have to have Amazon tho?

what would be the point tho? We already have Android on phones, should release an Android-based OS that looks like Windows, they aready have an Android phone, just make it more Microsoft-ish I still want a phone that I can plug into a monitor w/ keyboard and have a full computer... but only if Windows because Android has restrictions that a PC does not have... also, I`d need desktop PC app support.

If i was going to use 11 on my android phone it`d need to be designed specifically for it to make use of the hardware so not an app. I`m not interested in getting Windows 11 for a while anyway cos i dislike the start menu and task bar changes.

most phone game will ban the account emulation

100%. Give the option to toggle between a mobile interface and the full desktop interface and you`re good. The Windows on Lumia project has already done all of this, including porting cellular functions for calling and messaging. The hell? I wouldn`t use Windows 11 on my phone.

What are you talking about.

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