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  Category : Software Developer -  Components and Libraries
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  Platform : WinNT 4.x,  Windows2000,  WinXP  
  Price : USD 10  
  Rating :  
  License : Demo  
  Limitations: N/A  
  Date : 09/12/2006  
  Size : 0.03 MB  
Software Description:
Software In :
Software Developer
Components and Libraries
win dll, static, transparent, transparent windows,

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File Uploader Component 1)    File Uploader Component
 A File Upload/Download ActiveX Control,HTTP File Upload Component is the best solution for your web sites to upload thousands of big files from a user machine to the web server via HTTP protocol. Supp...
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Map Suite Services Edition 2)    Map Suite Services Edition
 Map Suite Services Edition is a GIS development framework you can use to create spatially aware Windows services, Web services and console applications. Native to the Microsoft .NET Framework, Service...
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Chilkat Zip ActiveX Component 3)    Chilkat Zip ActiveX Component
 The Chilkat ActiveX Zip Component can be used with any programming language supporting ActiveX (VB6, ASP, Delphi, VBScript, etc.) and provides managed classes for creating, managing, and unzipping Zip...
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SmartCodeDeveloper 4)    SmartCodeDeveloper
 SmartCodeDeveloper is a robust .Net Windows Form Control that allows you to add professional bar codes to Windows applications developed in Visual C++.Net, Visual Basic.Net, Visual C#.Net, Borland Del...
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SapphireRAS 5)    SapphireRAS
 It is now possible to dial a remote connection and manage the devices phone book from your application using the Sapphire RAS Utility. This will allow you to build advanced applications to allow your...
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SecureBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL) 6)    SecureBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL)
 SecureBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL edition) is the comprehensive component collection for network and document security. SecureBlackbox is split to several packages: * PKIBlackbox - offers support for Public...
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ESBPCSDates for VCL 7)    ESBPCSDates for VCL
 ESBPCS-Dates is a subset of ESBPCS (ESB Professional Computation Suite) containing Components and Routines for Calendars and Date/Time Manipulation in Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. This subset is id...
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Spire.Flash 8)    Spire.Flash
 . Quickly and easily create movie frames. . Easy-to-use , The methods and properties for drawing graphics are same as those available in the .NET Graphics class. if you know how to use the Graphics cl...
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FuzzySearch 9)    FuzzySearch
 Approximate string matching concerns to find patterns in texts in presence of "mismatches" or "errors". Approximate string matching is fundamental to text processing, because we live in an error-prone...
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ASP File Upload 10)    ASP File Upload
 A File Upload/Download ActiveX Control,HTTP File Upload Component is the best solution for your web sites to upload thousands of big files from a user machine to the web server via HTTP protocol. Supp...
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SidebarBuddy 1)    SidebarBuddy
 Sidebar-Buddy v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable sidebar menu system that includes custom cursor support, a variety of border styles and embedded images within menu titles. Sidebar-Bud...
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PortalApp Basic 2)    PortalApp Basic
License:Freeware  Size:

JurikSoft Proxy Provider 3)    JurikSoft Proxy Provider
 JurikSoft Proxy Provider is a .NET component with a set of methods, which allow connection to a certain TCP/IP server through Socks and HTTPS Proxy Servers. The connection is available through Socks P...
License:Shareware USD 49 Size: https, proxy, socks,

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE 4)    Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE
 Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE is a powerful ActiveX Control for Embedded platforms that allows your software to create custom additional virtual serial ports in Windows CE system and fully control th...
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SSLBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL) 5)    SSLBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL)
 SSLBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL edition) is a comprehensive collection of native components that add client-side and server-side support for SSL / TLS family of protocols to your Visual Basic or C++ applicat...
License:Commercial USD 222 Size:11.23 MB

Pathfinder Download Manager 6)    Pathfinder Download Manager
 Pathfinder is designed to help software developers, affiliate managers, reviewers, and others by saving bandwidth while at the same time cross-promoting their products. By packaging information about ...
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AITaskList 7)    AITaskList
 AITaskList contains a wealth of customizable features providing you with an Office like Task List ready to go. Individual Task Items can be fine tuned including adjusting selected colours, drag colour...
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Lingobit Localizer 8)    Lingobit Localizer
 Lingobit Localizer is a software localization tool that provides developers with an effective solution to facilitate and streamline the software localization process and communication between develope...
License:Shareware USD 895 Size:15.68 MB

JEasy 9)    JEasy
 JEasy is an application designer for JAVA using SWING components. The main concepts are to store all GUI components in an XML file, to use Layout Managers for presentation at runtime and to use XML-me...
License:Shareware and Open Source USD 106 Size:12.00 MB

FileMetadata .NET 10)    FileMetadata .NET
 Element-IT FileMetadata .NET control provides methods to add and modify metadata for any files and folders at NTFS file system. Control uses Alternate Data Streams technology to work with metadata. Th...
License:Shareware USD 149 Size:0.26 MB
Tags: file, image, editor, data, files, edit, read, ntfs, stream, metadata, meta

More tags: win dll, static, transparent, transparent windows,
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