Missionaries and Cannibals

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Missionaries and Cannibals

Missionaries and Cannibals
  Category : Games -  Word Games
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  Platform : Windows2000,  WinXP,  Windows2003,  Windows Vista Starter,  Windows Vista Home Basic,  Windows Vista Home Premium,  Windows Vista Business,  Windows Vista Enterprise,  Windows Vista Ultimate,  Windows Vista Home Basic x64,  Windows Vista Home Premium x64,  Windows Vista Business x64,  Windows Vista Enterprise x64,  Windows Vista Ultimate x64  
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  License : Freeware  
  Limitations: N/A  
  Date : 02/07/2007  
  Size : 0.33 MB  
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Word Games
missionaries, cannibals, missionary, river, puzzle games, logic games, mind games,
   In this game you need to move the missionaries and the cannibals to the opposite shore by using a boat. The boat cannot move by itself, and it cannot hold more than 2 passengers. When there are more cannibals than missionaries on one side, the cannibals will eat the missionaries!

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Tags: puzzle, logic, brain

More tags: missionaries, cannibals, missionary, river, puzzle games, logic games, mind games,
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