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  License : Freeware  
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  Date : 06/17/2008  
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   cvschangelogbuilder is an Perl utility to generate ChangeLogs for a project hosted on a CVS server. The main goal is to provide a better output that the 'cvs log' command, to permit to choose the sorting criteria, to add the status of the change (added,removed,modified) and to allow "differential" changelogs, between 2 versions, even when they are not in the main branch. The output are also friendly to read and records are grouped by the output criteria (by date, by file, by log). So you can, for example, know which files were modified between two old versions to prepare a light diff package for an old customer, you can see what was done on current development version, sorted by date, to know what happened during your 5 days holidays, you can build a changelog ready to be included in your rpm %changelog section with correct format, see how many commits were done on a particular file with no need scan the 'cvs rlog' output, etc... cvschangelogbuilder is also an easy to use command line interface (perl tool). cvschangelogbuilder offer 4 kinds of output: listdeltaforrpm To build a changelog to include in a rpm .spec file. listdeltabydate To build a changelog by date (looks near 'cvs log'). listdeltabyfile To build a changelog by file. listdeltabylog To build a changelog by change comment.

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