Alice Amazed

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Alice Amazed

Alice Amazed
  Category : Games -  Games and Entertainment
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  Platform : Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.x,  Windows2000,  WinXP  
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  License : Freeware  
  Limitations: N/A  
  Date : 2006-05-01  
  Size : 3.06 MB  
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Games and Entertainment
alice amazed, freeware, one switch, minigames, maze, alice, rabbit, game, wonderland, two player,
   Alice and Rabbit are lost in a bewildering hedge maze. The day is coming to an end, and they are anxious to get home before it is too dark to find the way. Alice Amazed is a one switch game for one or two players. That is, each player uses only a single button or switch for character control. This makes the game more accessible to disabled people, but it is nevertheless a fun game for everyone. Your goal is to escape the haunted maze, as either Alice or Rabbit, by crossing the river that separates it from home. It is not as easy as finding the correct path, however. The bridge needed to cross the river has been dismantled and hidden inside an enchanted chest somewhere in the maze. To find and open this chest you must collect enough points, through a selection of minigames and challenges, to break its magic seal. Visit oneswitch.org.uk to learn more about one switch gaming.

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More tags: alice amazed, freeware, one switch, minigames, maze, alice, rabbit, game, wonderland, two player,
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