authorPOINT for Rapid Elearning

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authorPOINT for Rapid Elearning

authorPOINT for Rapid Elearning
  Category : Home & Education -  Teaching and Testing
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  Platform : Windows2000,  WinXP  
  Price : USD 299  
  Rating :  
  License : Shareware  
  Limitations: 30 Days  
  Date : 2007-01-11  
  Size : 0.52 MB  
Software Description:
Software In :
Home & Education
Teaching and Testing
rapid e-learning, make cbts, make wbts, powerpoint to flash converter, e-learning multimedia presentations, scorm compliant, ppt plugin, ppt to flash, make flash presentations, powerpoint in flash, video in powerpoint, powerpoint to flash plugin,
   authorPOINT is a PowerPoint to Flash converter for SCORM and ADA compliant Flash presentations, which installs in PowerPoint as a plugin for easy PowerPoint capture and PPT to Flash conversion for SCORM LMS. - Capture PowerPoint as you present. - Integrate video and audio as required. - Add your own video to the captured presentation. - Convert to Flash, Windows media and Real media Formats. - Easy procedure to publish your presentations to a dedicated streaming media server for web based delivery to viewers - Includes a Content Manager to manage presentations. The Content Manager has information about each presentation and can be used to distribute presentations. E-learning presentations can be managed easily through the content manager. - The plugin can be updated automatically - Quick convert to Flash - Presentations can be created for Desktop PCs as well as Pocket PCs Uses - Use to create SCORM web based lectures for online distance learning. These lectures can be posted to LMS (learning management system) servers. - Presentations can be used for employee training in business organizations through intranets, seminars, and in training sessions - Can be used as a rapid e-learning tool to create PowerPoint based training modules with audio and video. As an example, specialists can create web based training (WBT and CBT) to deliver training sessions in multimedia formats. - Capture live seminars with audio and video, convert them to Flash presentations, and upload to your website for easy access to members. E.g. Medical and Law (CME, CLE) seminars can be captured and can be made available over the Internet. - Use as a business enhancement tool to create business presentations. Use these rich media presentations to explain your product/service offerings. Access, or deliver product presentations to prospects online or through storage media. Multimedia presentations, with video are a very effective way of promoting your business offerings.

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More tags: rapid e-learning, make cbts, make wbts, powerpoint to flash converter, e-learning multimedia presentations, scorm compliant, ppt plugin, ppt to flash, make flash presentations, powerpoint in flash, video in powerpoint, powerpoint to flash plugin,
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