Forex Strategy Trader

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Forex Strategy Trader

Forex Strategy Trader
  Category : Business -  Business
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  Platform : Win2000,  Win7 x32,  Win7 x64,  WinServer,  WinVista,  WinVista x64,  WinXP  
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  License : Freeware  
  Limitations: N/A  
  Date : 2010-02-24  
  Size : 3.07 MB  
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forex expert advisor, forex trade,
   Forex Strategy Trader is a free trading platform working via Meta Trader system. It can automatically send and execute trading orders based on a predefined strategy. The visual interface allows users to create their own strategies in a few clicks without worrying about programming and coding the logic. All the components of a strategy can be easily found in the user-friendly menus and can save hours for anyone who has previously tried to create his own Expert Advisor in MT and found it overwhelmingly difficult. The usual strategy consists of technical indicators and the rules for their interpretation by the program. All the possible rules and combinations are accessible through drop down menus and after the strategy is set all you need to do is connect to the Meta Trader terminal and click "Start Execution". As long as you are online the software will follow the logic and trade automatically. Even the novice traders will find it easy to create trading strategies in minutes and those who are more advanced and know the dealings of Expert Advisor building, can save a lot of hassle and formula writing. The software allows users to import strategies from our back tester - Forex Strategy Builder, and even download other users' strategies form the forum or our internet site. Some of the advanced tweaks you can apply to your strategy include: setting the amount being traded as lot size or as percent of your total account; adding to, removing from or reversing a position; stop loss and take profit values; and even setting a precise time for making deals (say 10 a.m.). The possibilities are innumerable as Forex Strategy Trader has more than 100 indicators in store and tons of logical options for each of them. Moreover, advanced traders from around the world compute new indicators regularly and upload the on the site or in the forum making them available for everyone.

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