Mammoth Solitaire

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Mammoth Solitaire

Mammoth Solitaire
  Category : Games -  Cards
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  Platform : Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinXP,  WinNT 3.x,  WinNT 4.x,  Windows2000  
  Price :  
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  License : Freeware  
  Limitations: N/A  
  Date : 08/30/2006  
  Size : 2.59 MB  
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play solitaire game, download solitaire, mammoth solitaire,
   Complete the Stone Age solitaire under the intent supervision of the cave-man and a huge ancestor of the elephant, the Mammoth with two massive tusks, solitaire experts. Be aware that as the night falls the stony surface is getting colder and the two supervisors - more and more impatient. Don't be spellbound by the caveman's stare and hurry up to complete the game before the sunset, if you don't want to be a victim of the mammoth's tusks!

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More tags: play solitaire game, download solitaire, mammoth solitaire,
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