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MSN Controller 2.0

License / Price:
Freeware / $
Category :
Internet / Others
Requirements :
Publisher / Limitations:
The Whiffler /
Size / Last Updated:
3.21MB / 2008-03-21
TAG: contact, nickname, change, controller, ,
change the, msn controller,
Operating System:
Publisher's description - MSN Controller 2.0
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? Change The MSN Security Text

You can change the security text (do not give others your credit card number, ...) on top of each IM window to something what you like.

? Change The MSN Chat Text Limit

Enables you to use 1200 characters in an IM window. This means that you can post longer messages in one time.

? View Your Login Details

Displays the email login + password stored on the computer MSN Controller is runned on.

? MSN Contact List Manager

Mennage your contact list. Export and copy of your contact's email and more.

? Nickname Constructor

Make yourself a cool looking nickname with the Nickname Constructor. You can even choose for a blank name.

? Auto Responder

Set auto messages that will be send everyone who sends you a message when you're gone, to lunch, busy or whatever you like.

? Kick A Contact From MSN

Kick contacts from MSN. Only works if they 're running a MSN version lower t

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