20 Best Dodge Journey iOS Apps

1) Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey dodge journey
Bring Dodge Journeys rare balance of versatility, performance, and sophistication to life via an app on your iPad. The touch-based tour displays this five-door vehicle in a high-speed, high-resolution interactive manner as unique as the Journey drivers lifestyle itself. Combining detailed product information with a unique look at Journeys equally unique features, a fully functioning colorizer, 360-degree exterior and interior tours, and a build-your-own functionality, this app is a go-to source for those looking for information on Dodge Journey.Full 360-degree exterior views with integrated colorizerFull 360-degree interior tour with internal navigationFamiliarize yourself with all the newly-designed and reengineered featuresLearn about ... (Free)By Chrysler Group LLC via

2) Dodge. Dodge the Obstacles.

Dodge. Dodge the Obstacles. dodge journey
Dodge.As the title indicates, Dodge is a game about dodging You control a ball to avoid it from hitting obstacles. Dodged obstacles will be rewarded as special tokens that can be used to upgrade the ball to enhance gameplay. Power-ups and special tokens collected in game will give you even more of an advantage while playing.There are also lots of other achievements to challenge in the game, each with an incentive attached to it.With a simple interface and a clean design, Dodge would provide hours of replay value; just remember to upgrade the right items (Free)By Geogamez.com via

3) FHP Dodge-Tampon Dodge

FHP Dodge-Tampon Dodge dodge journey
Please ReadThere have been a few complaints about the speed at which the little dude comes back down, but that is part of the game. You can control how fast the little dude comes back down by swiping downward after you jump. Sorry if I didn`t make it clear. Thanks for playingSo, you`re running down the street (for some reason), when all of a sudden, out of nowhere you`re attacked by multiple tampons Try to evade as many of the attacks as you canHow to play: Tap to jump, swipe down to slide (duck). If you are in the air ... (Free)By Juan Sanchez Gabriel via

4) Pop & Dodge

Pop & Dodge dodge journey
Help our penguin avoid the dodgeballs in this fast paced arcade game which gets you up and moving. Multiple modes for fun and fitness.Help revive the Zoop Nation Now you can use Pop & Dodge to collect Zoopnium. Go get the Zoopnium app now. It`s freePop & Dodge is completely free to play, but it contains items which can be purchased for real money. If you do not wish to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. (Free)By Digido Interactive Inc. via

5) Ragdoll Dodge

Ragdoll Dodge dodge journey
DodgeDodgeDodgeoh,my legoh,my armoh my headoh...just a easy play game,enjoy yourself. ($0.99)By 099games via

6) StickDodge

StickDodge dodge journey
My second dodge game,it is the brother ver of the ragdoll dodge .Dodge,dodge,i am a stick. ($0.99)By 099games via

7) Dodge It: Dodge Ball

Dodge It: Dodge Ball dodge journey
Dodge It: Dodge Ball is a fun and addicting game sure to challenge your tilting skills. Play as a little green square and do what you can to avoid being hit by the red balls. Use power-ups like an extra life or slow-motion to stay alive as long as you can and rack up the pointsGood luck (Free)By Jeannette Hung via

8) 2 Players Dodge Dodge

2 Players Dodge Dodge dodge journey
A game for 2 people to play on 1 iPad. One people uses the bows to shoot the other, and the other people tries to dodge the arrows.- No ads. ($0.99)By Geng Guan via

9) Dodge Wind Ship Dodge

Dodge Wind Ship Dodge dodge journey
Dodge and sail your way through an endless adventure.Dodge Wind Ship Dodge is a tensed grip explosion filled arcade/action game. Experience adrenaline pumping close calls as you sail through the sky on a journey for riches. Use quick reflexes to avoid chain explosives and escape near impossible scenarios. Be rewarded with a gold pay out after you`ve delivered your haul. Take advantage of the wind boosts to pass up others on the leader boards. Try it out, the skies are limitless.Music by Ken "coda" Snyder http://coda.s3m.us (Free)By chase day via

10) Journey Church, The Journey Online

Journey Church, The Journey Online dodge journey
Sharing God`s Fame for Man`s Freedom in Charlotte, NC. Visit us online at www.thejourneyonline.com (Free)By The Journey Online via

11) Dodge Journey - BUX LHD

Dodge Journey - BUX LHD dodge journey
Take a touch-based tour of the Dodge Journey. This app brings the versatile crossover nameplate to life in a manner that leverages the iOS platform. Features and functionality include:Full 360-degree exterior viewsFull 360-degree interior tour with internal navigationFamiliarize yourself with all the newly-designed and reengineered featuresLearn about Journeys safety and technology features (Free)By Chrysler Group LLC via

12) Apple Dodge

Apple Dodge dodge journey
Dodge DodgeHis eyes are closed. Help him dodge the applesSlide his fat head back and forth.Dodge your way to a new high score (Free)By Outlandish Apps LLC via

13) Apple Dodge Pro

Apple Dodge Pro dodge journey
Dodge DodgeHis eyes are closed. Help him dodge the applesSlide his fat head back and forth.Dodge your way to a new high score ($1.99)By Outlandish Apps LLC via

14) Dash Upper - Addictive Circle Jump Game

Dash Upper - Addictive Circle Jump Game dodge journey
Dodge, Dodge, Dodge...Download the hardest game on the app storeJump and avoid all of the white bars... (Free)By Cool Free App Games Ltd via

15) Ultra Dodge - Real Man`s Dodge

Ultra Dodge - Real Man`s Dodge dodge journey
Legends say that a real man can hold up to score 6000(one minute), I personally made 4383, can you? Press and hold the red button and move it to dodge the yellow bullets, have fun Remember to share with your friends and see if they can do better (Free)By FANQIN ZHOU via

16) Adventures of Nyan Cat

Adventures of Nyan Cat dodge journey
Fly Nyan Cat through the SKY in an EPIC JOURNEY--Tap to Play and Dodge--Cool New Perks:Original Nyan Cat characterDodge pipesSimple controlsExtremely difficult ($0.99)By Paul Dobson via

17) Dodge Ball Nude Runner Dodge This Free

Dodge Ball Nude Runner Dodge This Free dodge journey
Dodge ThisSuper Fun Dodgeball GameHours of fun as you pit your wits and skill here. (Free)By Tracey Webster via

18) Dodge shape! (Dodge the shape and move up)

Dodge shape! (Dodge the shape and move up) dodge journey
Dodge the shape and move up up upTouch down the start touch up the breakSwipe your finger left or right to move and dodge the shape.Record high scores by getting many coinsGood luck and enjoy (Free)By AppSea Soft via

19) Dodge Dots : A Modern Dodge Ball Game

Dodge Dots : A Modern Dodge Ball Game dodge journey
"Dodge Dots is an Addictive Game of Modern Dodge Ball."Were you always the best player on your dodge ball team? Test your skills & dexterity at dodging dots in this modern adaptation of a classic childhood past time.In Dodge Dots you have 5 lives.The dots continue to increase every 5 seconds.You get a point for every second you survive.The game`s pace starts off slow, but as more dots are added the gameplay picks up rapidly.Highlights:This game has an easy life and point system.Simple controls, drag anywhere on the screen to move.Total enemy dots increases to a maximum of 20.Basic graphics ... (Free)By Harry Tran via

20) Ninja Training - Spike Avalanche

Ninja Training - Spike Avalanche dodge journey
Train your ninja, dodge the spikes.How many spikes can you dodge?Will you be able to become one of the few that get the black ninja suit?Embark the ninja training journey and find out.Warning : The game can be annoyingly hard. (Free)By Ronan Stark via




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