Alien vs Predator

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Alien vs Predator

Alien vs Predator
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  License : Freeware  
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  Date : 2008-04-14  
  Size : 1.39 MB  
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Games and Entertainment
download game, jorudan, igs, fighting game,
   Alien vs Predator is a 1993 Super NES game developed by Jorudan[1] and published by IGS in Japan, and by Activision internationally. It is part of the Alien vs. Predator franchise. Despite the similar game play, it is not related in any way to the arcade game of the same name, which was released by Capcom 8 months later. The game is a typical beat 'em up, in which the Predator must kill all Aliens before advancing through the levels. Some of the Predator's abilities include the possibility to become invisible and charge lasers to destroy all enemies in a screen (at cost of some energy). The player controls a Predator, who receives a distress call and flies to a planet called Vega 4 to hunt the Alien species instead of humans as their original plans because the alien species is seemed to be a more challenging prey than humans.

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